About Fastest Live Scores

Fastest Live Scores is an independent licensable source of live football data feeds.
We collect thousands of real-time match events "by the fans, for the fans".

Accurate, affordable & fast live scores

Fastest Live Scores is a real-time data company based in Central London collecting high quality sports data from fans at games. Our model is simple: we collect event reports from thousands of fans at stadiums who’ve downloaded our app, people watching games at home on TV using our website, and from deep mining of Twitter.

In a typical weekend, we will collect more than 10,000 event reports, and produce high-quality, legal score data for football all over the World. Fastest Live Scores data can be used by media, betting and club websites to display the exact data you require in real-time.

Democratising sports data

The sophisticated back-end systems we use track the accuracy of every report from every fan and convert this into an accurate event for each report received. This database of hundreds of thousands of reports from tens of thousands of users is the basis for our reputation engine, which enables us to avoid false reports and consistently produce accurate data.

By bringing all this data together, we have our own, accurate, reliable, timely and originally sourced, set of football score data.

As Fastest Live Scores continues to grow into a leading provider of sports data we will cover even more leagues, countries and sports. Our feeds provide football fans some of the fastest live scores available anywhere.