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How crowdsourcing sports data is effective

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Media, publishing and betting companies utilise the services of real-time data providers to them with live data from sport from around the globe.

Historically this data has been collected using staff members ‘scouting’ at the sporting venue, recording the data and sending the information onto their customers. Here at Fastest Live Scores we believe that this is an antiquated approach to data collection, resulting in slow, inaccurate data which is vulnerable to manipulation.

We know at any competitive sporting event there will be a set of spectators, most of which will have smartphones. What if people who are already at the ground could share this information with the media and betting industries?

That’s exactly the approach that we have taken here at Fastest Live Scores.


CrowdScores is a mobile App available for Android and iOS which allows users to report events when they’re watching a football match. We’ve developed our own proprietary algorithms to receive multiple reports from spectators and process them into real-time data which can be used by companies throughout the world (check out some of our case studies).

Instead of us relying on one or two of our staff members in the ground, we have an unlimited pool of spectators who can contribute by reporting events. Crowdsourcing data from a large pool of users allows us to produce our data quicker and more reliably than more traditional suppliers.

The sophisticated back-end data processing takes user’s reputation into account to avoid false positives. We’ve only just started pushing the boundaries of sports data collection; however the results so far have been mind blowing. As the CrowdScores community continues to grow at an exponential rate, we’re seeing the benefits with lower latency, more event reports and more competitions.


To find out more about how Fastest Live Scores can help you by delivering low latency reliable data, take a look at the API for free.